How to remove your Netlog profile

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One of the most popular social network in Slovenia beside Facebook is Netlog. Those who were among the first to use Netlog, they soon decide mostly for Facebook, but interest not cease. Especially the elderly are still very active in this easy to use social network. How many of you switched from Netlog to Facebook and did not delete the profile? If you no longer use social network, I recommend that you delete your profile there, or at least highly restrict access to it. How you can do this with your Netlog profile you can read here!

To delete a Netlog account, you will need to login first. If you have forgotten your password, first request a new one.

  • in Settings click Account Settings, then click the Delete
  • it’s necessary to answer the question why you delete Netlog account
  • once again write your Netlog password
  • write whatever in the comments
  • finally, enter the security code
  • and deleting of the Netlog account begins

As with Facebook, the story does not end, because at the moment the account is not deleted yet. Netlog give 14-day reflection to user and if after that period still want to left Netlog the account is finally completly deleted. In the meantime, of course, you must not no longer log on and click on Netlog messages.


Netlog is Belgian origin and popular mainly in Europe. Its popularity is due to ease of use and translation into all languages ​​used by Europeans and currently has over 70 million users.



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