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Outfit7’s mobile app Talking Gina the Giraffe is still very popular and most of us came to Gina’s 10 giraffe’s babies. How to get more babies?

Talking GinaWhen we get 10 giraffe’s babies, not give up, because here you will get tips on how to get 3 more babies.

Trick is in playing all Patty Cake – clapping game:
  •  11th baby giraffe: when we finished all 32 games with 1 star and that Gina is 100 % happy
  • 12th baby giraffe: when we finished all 32 games with 2 stars and that Gina is 100 % happy
  • 13th baby giraffe: when we finished all 32 games with 3 stars and that Gina is 100 % happy



Talking Friends apps at Outfit7 get larger everyday:

•Talking Tom Cat

•Talking Baby Hippo

•Talking Larry the bird

•Talking Harry the Hedgehog

•Talking Rex the dinosaur

•Talking robot

•Talking bacteria

•Talking Gina

•Talking Lila the Fairy

•Talking Santa

•Talking Ben the dog

•Talking Tom Cat 2

•Talking Tom & Ben News


The most popular are still cat Tom and giraffe Gina. All Talking friends’ apps were downloaded over 200 million time for iPhone, iPad and Android.


Soon will be seeing those popular and cut animals inside our smart phone’s and/or tablet’s screens; they planning to enter other medias too; from books and movies to toys.

Cat Tom and giraffe Gina 3d movie in theaters? Why not?











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