Will November 5th be Judgment Day for Facebook or not?

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 This year in August, the activist hacking group Anonymous published a video on youtube where they announced for the 5thNovember 2011 an assault on the very top of social networks – Facebook. Will it succeed?
Only a few hours until the beginning of the fifth November in samo parts of the World, Facebook is expected to be in danger and not only FB, but also Fox News, banks and the Mexican drug cartel.

The Group has not exist from yesterday, but media not started to publish massivly news of their exploits until this year,  in 2008 have successfully predicted the fight against hypocrites in curch of scientology, it’s most visible and influential Representative  of the curch is Tom Cruise. Back then they attacked with DDoS attacks only, but today they approach the higher level and in more layers.

A few other successful this year attacks: Sony, Bank of America, Mastercard …

In the summer, they were such negatively directed against Paypal, which has refused payments of donations to Wikileaks through their services. Civil society has responded to anonymous call for mass boycott of the PayPal services and massivly closed their accounts.

Why 5th November?

That’s when Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated to commemorate his attempted attack on Parliament in the 17th century in England. In his honor they are using an identical mask.

Anonymous masks at World Revolution
Image by Aloriel via Flickr

# OpCashBack

Now calling for the support to Occupy movement; to raise money from banks – Bank Transfer Day, Move Your Money Day.

Operation Fox Hunt

Due to the very delayed coverage of events relating to the movement Occupy and reporting of ironic especially in relation to the events – protests on Wall Street from Fox News.

Zetas – Mexican drug cartel

One of the most brutal cartels, which is closely connected with the Mexican government and many government officials, which should reveal anonymous.


Due to the sale of U.S. government information and its government agencies and corporations.

Facebook inaction will be difficult to achieve because they have more server centers on two continents, so that you can instantly cover the shortfall, but I think it will probably be addressed in another way. The most controversial of Facebook is collecting the data, even if we or deactivated. delete a user account, such amount of data, of course, allows profitable sales data.

Learn more about events happening this weekend, and you can read next week in this blog and elsewhere.


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