Anti-ACTA Day of Action

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We helped America to stop SOPA, now is our turn to stop ACTA in Europe. In all European coutrises activits are lined up protesting against ACTA agreement.

Secretly drawn up and signed agreement among other things to limit freedom of the internet and its ratification must be stopped. Here I’m not talking about not stopping or limiting piracy, which in ACTA way will not be removed (piracy can eliminate by reasonable prices, good example are prices for mobile apps), but there is a case of big brother watching us by controlling and restricting access to internet. ACTA is not just internet and piracy, it will cause big problems in other industries as well like in pharmacy.

Most of the protests were on February 11th 2012, some started before such as in Slovenia and others will be after 11th. In Slovenia were protests on February 4th in Maribor and Ljubljana. We can watch Ljubljana protest online with livestream. Among live protests there are even more revolting negative responses on the websites, facebook, twitter, radio, TV, newspapers …

Anti ACTA Berlin - Guy Fawkes
Anti ACTA Berlin - Guy Fawkes (Photo credit:

videos explaining ACTA agreement:   

Anti ACTA Protest Berlin
Anti ACTA Protest Berlin (Photo credit:

Signing protest messages and petitions:

Anti ACTA Demo Düsseldorf
Anti ACTA Demo Düsseldorf (Photo credit: Dennis Knake)


anti-ACTA Day of action

Stop ACTA has succeeded as a massive day of action, particular in Poland and Czech Republic with mass protests. Just 2 weeks after signing the agreement in Japan it appers that the agreement will not be approved in the European Parliament. MEPs have already experienced big public pressure started from 0-day, as they never imagine public can do. I don0t think if they ever will tried to sign another agreement in such a secret.

who signed agreement? 22 EU countries, USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada Singapore, South Korea. but none of the small countries from other continents were invited to sign.

In order to begin operating agreement, it must be approved by each EU country and ratificated by the European Parliament. But fortunately some EU countries have not yet signed the agreement, which gives us hope.
EU countries that have not yet signed the agreement and are currently freezing all activities in this respect are: Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Estonia and Cyprus. Even some of the signatories no longer wish to continue the ratification process in their countries such are Poland and Slovakia.

On facebook page Stop ACTA are connections to all anti-acta protests held across Europe.

Are you wondering how it will be in ACTA time? Watch Who killed the internet?


STOP SOPA           STOP PIPA           STOP ACTA           STOP TPP



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