Finnair surprise its passengers

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Nordic Airline regularly impressed its passengers and attracting new ones trought social media. 

Many coutrnies celebrate their independence as Republic Day, in times of yugoslavia we celebrate Republic Day at the end of November. In India commemorate the declaration of independence on the 26th January as the Repulic Day with military parade in New Delhi and each year invite as quest a foreign statesman from partner countries. This year, that honor befell Thailand’s prime minister. Not they have great military parade, but they held various cultural celebrations across India as well.


Viral video of dancing flight team

In honor of the Indian National holiday flight team at Finnair Flight surprise with dance its passengers, who flew that day in New Delhi. as they wrote themselves on Youtube, they wanted to give its passengers a little Bollywood athmosphere. and they succeeded! In less than a week after they publish video on Youtube, it was over 3 millions views of dance in bollywood style on music Om Shanti Om already.

All flight crew on boart dance. Whit this Finns also given a great honor for India.


 Angry Birds

But this is not the first fun surprise for Finnair passengers. Last fall, jointly prepared in cooperation with another successful Finnish product angry Birds, they run sweepstakes and one of the prizes was the air ticket to Singapore. They even plastered its Finnair A340 plain with the famous heroes from Angry Birds. With this competition they promoting their new airline Helsinki – Singapore. This was present on all major social networks.

Finnair shows how the use of social media for business can be fun for all and have success in business. They know how important is viral marketing and how to make a good viral video has already been demonstrated. What will be its next surprise?

Om Shanti Om


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