Angry Birds in Space

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Angry Birds are now exploring deep space in brand new game from Rovio called Angry Birds in Space. It was released on March 22th 2012.

When I first here about Angry Birds new theme Pigs in space, I remmembered old Muppet Show Sketch series Pigs in Space.
A parody of Star Trek and other SF tv series was very popular series of sketches in The Muppet Show. The crew of swinetrek began to fly in 1981.

Let’s get back to the future;  because in space are quite a different physical laws than on the earth, playing is olso very different. Each planet has its own gravitational force, carefully with zerro-point G, where you can fly far far away.

Some birds have new outfits and some new powers. The new bird arrived – Ice Bird. Golden eggs still bring benefits to the finder.

 On  iOS are 95 levels, Android have“only” 65 levels of game. you can play in Windows or Mac .

 Angry Birds brings new obstacles for birds, and we can play again for hours. Remember,gravity is fun and groovy!



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