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Don’t forget today to come on the Preseren Square in Ljubljana or be in front of  The Gallery Skrinja  in Maribor at 16:00 pm (28.3.2012). Be part of the world today, Pay It Forward movement, whic organized for the first time global coordinated flash mob Reading books.

No, this time will not be involved dancing, singing or freeze, this time we will be reading. Start of the flash mob will announce the arrival of the three wearing the Top Hats. Together with theme you’ll have to sit down and started to read for some time.  After some time Top Hats will signaled swap books with other attendee or total stranger passing by. Book + flyer explaining why and braclete Pay It Forward.

The book should be carefully chosen such that left a mark on you, make you laugh or cry … Look on this list if your town is included.

Pay it Forward: “2012 is the year of turning the world inside out and paying it forward!”


Offical web page: pifexperience.org

FB events: https://www.facebook.com/events/209813335773322

Be part of a global movement of change!


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