5 min of fame for everyone. Instructions included

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Another way to become a star for 5 minuts easy way. No, it’s no another talent show or some new variant of the comemercial television’s reality show ala Farm, Bar or Restaurant. Instructions for 5 min fame followed.

Instructions for 5 min of fame

  1. choose a place where many people gather
  2. dress like a star
  3. 2 body guards
  4. 2 fake assistants
  5. 2 fakepaparazzies
  6. fake TV crew

This list followed by Brett Cohen on July 27th 2012 carried out a hoax in which a lot of people on the streets of New York get pranked, that he’s a big star. Experiment proved

Times Square Panorama - New York City - Novemb...
Times Square Panorama – New York City – November 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

nowdays you don’t need a lot of credibility people believe. Everyone wants to be famous and everyone wants to be with famous.

When false TV crew asked people what they know about Brett, we can hear a lot of different answers about his fame. He was a singer, movie star, someone even heard his first singl, they saw him in the movie, but didn’t remember which one … Spiderman!? When people think they should know the answer they quickly invented the answer, even though they have no idea about the subject.

Hoax begin with

First Brett Cohen dressed as a star and leaving NBC Studios building with two body guards as a star. Assistants before that tell people that celebritie will come out soon and it’s worth to stay and take photo with him. Tourists and gawkers stopped and wait for him to come out. rumous spred so crowd get bigger and bigger. Of course, the crowd could not miss the fake TV crew and false paparazzies too.

After the arrival of Brett from the building crowd followed him on his way trhough the streets of Times Square, where is very crowded on the hot summer nights. Over 300 people take a photo with him, so proud to be on the photo with such a “big” star. They followed him wherever he went. At the end of the video it shows the brutal reality again. When are no more cameras, photographers, assistants and body guards, hi leave the splendor of glory and fans left him alone. Left alone and unnoticed on the street again he walked away to the subway station.


Actually brett Cohen became a viral video star. Video saw in a week oever 3 mio viewers so it’s a new viral trend on the internet. Pranked people do not have to be ebarrassed anymore that they believed the hoax, but now can prodly show and upload their photo taken with him on the facebook, Twitter or other social media.

Brett Cihen is an comedian and internet radio host.




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