Parents and kids with changed roles

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I don’t know exactly who first thought about switching heads between kid and its parents, but it sure is funny. Not just funny, you can’t stop looking for another one and this one and another … It’s hard to pick which I like most too. The most popular is surely web site, but its not the only source for manbabies photos. (Photo credit: pauliepaul) started in 2008 after seeing one photo with switching heads. Till today its most popular and the only site with only this theme. In first 2 month people send to site over 200 photo mash-ups, mostly made with Adobe Photoshop.

You can even get tutorial on how to create manbabies photo in Photoshop made by How-to create Man-babies in Photoshop



Even profi photographers

Theme is interesting and charming for professional photographers too. German photographer Paul Ripke known for his photography mostly in advertisement started an project with man-babies and woman-babies (that’s right, he didn’t forget mothers) and he even have a successful exhibition last year .

Links to websites with man-babies photos:

Baby holding Bush

In this hot weather it’s good to look at the photo taken at the pool: - Dad?



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