Angry Birds: Star Wars

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All Angry Birds fan and all fans of  Star wars finally get new Rovio’s Angry Birds Series release called Star Wars on 8th November 2012.

Among the stars and planets are rebel fighters Birds designed by the most memorable characters from the epic saga Star Wars. There are Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia , Darth Vader (aka Anakin Skywalker), Obi Wan, troppers, R2D2… Evil Empire or Darkside is now Porkside and troopers are Pigtroopers.

New Star Wars Quotes

“Rebel without a Squawk.”angry birds star wars

“Join the Porkside”

“Be a Rebel”

“I’m on the Porkside”

“May the Birds be with you”


Star Wars Weapons

This time will be samo different ways to destroy enemies like we used in Angry Birds, but certainly will not be missed Star Wars famous weapon lightsaber. Other weapons are odd laser gun, Jedi forces…

Finnish Rovio has put on a special website dedicated just to this release

For about a month we can observe a variety of videos about this game, making of, there is already comic, wallpapers are ready to download on your desktop… On the site you can choose wether to be on the rebels side or on the Empire side ( or switch later like anakin Skywalker did and became later Lord of the Darkside Darth Vader).

Become Jedi and get galactical adventure with rebel birds.

May the Force be with you … or from today I must say May the Birds be with you!

Avaible on Google Play, Apple Store, windows Phone, Pc, MAC, Windows 8, Kindle


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