Free Microsoft ebook Windows 8 IT Pro

Windows 8 IT Pros, get your free Microsoft ebook

A week after Windows 8 launched, today Microsoft announced a new ebook designed to help IT Professionals to integrate the new operating system into their environments. The 147-page tome covers all aspects of the operating system, but is sure to be less-comprehensive than books that will be available from major publishers.

Windows 8 IT Pros, get your free Microsoft ebook




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  1. This will allow the upgrade to go faster and aid the new Windows 8 system to run smoothly after the set-up.

    Farag and Srour said, “To this end, we have added a new component to Windows 8 called the “Desktop Activity Moderator,
    ” which only runs on these new connected standby-capable platforms. The OS will try to connect your Microsoft account with the Windows login, hence making your Microsoft account login and password same for the windows login as well. Users will be able to access variety of apps irrespective of the platform or whether the apps are platform specific or platform independent. Customisation of ringtones is made possible thanks to downloadable polyphonics and the option to assign MP3 music files as ringtones. Then select the Startup tab to see what programs run on startup.

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