Operation Jubilee 2012

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Operation Jubilee marks Guy Fawker’s Day on November 5th; masked rebel who failed to atteck English Parliament. Today is his mask symbol fo anonymous movement; movement against Big Power that rules the world today. It’s a symobl of small people against power. Today they get together on Trafalgare Suare at 6pm GMT in Londnon and then marching to the front of English Parliament like Guy Fawkes tryed to do but failed.

Today it’s not only about London, meetings are all over the world, but in Londno will probably stay the biggest one.

Why this Jubilee Operation?

Year of the Jubilee, Cancel All Debt,  Stop War, Redistribute the Land, Eliminate Poverty

The powers that be have proven time and time again that they are corrupt, sinister, selfish and traitors. The individual common man is powerless against them. One small group is powerless against them. Maybe one person can’t. But one in a million can. United together, millions of us, can move a mountain: a mountain of government-control, corporate-control, media-control and elitist-control. Millions of us can declare our freedom and a true jubilee. We are the 99%.
In media goverments trying to limit numbers of protestors to small one, but why they are so afraid off?

In Canada just a few days before peacefull protest they banned any kind of masks ( we know that they mostly think for Guy Fawkes’ mask Vendeta).

operationjubilee.in      facebook.com/opjubilee     twitter.com/opjubilee    hashtag #OpJubilee    youtu.be/XfCjllHD7V0    vimeo.com/48318012

Live stream: http://bambuser.com/v/3121631  Video recorded: Operation Vendetta recorded live on 05/11/2012 at 18:18 GMT

Fake Google Doodle Guy Fawkes


Some good tweets about #nov5:







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