Skyfall: Unlock the 007 In You

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Bond. James Bond in the cinema again for the 23rd time in 50 years. This time for a change he does not drink martini but… Review of interesting internet marketing campaign in the style of  Her Majesty’s 007 Agent called Unlock 007 in you. Unlock James Bond in you and let the adventure begin.

James Bond skyfall

Do you know what was the most favorite drink of James Bond for years? Stirred, but not shaken martini fot hose who did not remember it. Well, that was years ago, now modern Bond reaches for beer rather than Martini after action. Heineken beer to be more accurate, which has already offered a limited edition Star Bottle with famous James Bond themes.

Again Bond is not without another well known franchise – Coca Cola. By promoting Coke Zero they revered latest Bond Skyfall with an interesting internet promotional campain.

Unlock the 007 In You

Anyone who has approached to the Coke Zero drink machine was given 70s to break up to 6th Floor in shopping center gets a free tickets to the premiere of the movie Skyfall. However, as it would be too easy, they have to pass trought many obstacles they had to overcome in the Bond style. Obstacles are like dogs on a leash on the stairs, runners blocking the escalator, workers moving big windows glass, good looking strange woman replaced them for someone else, falling oranges on the grown …

On each floor hostess was showing time left and there were musicians with different instruments playing Bond theme. True  007 adventure till the end. And that was not all, at the end they have to sing Bond theme, but likely they have a little help from Acapella broup.

more about event:

During the first 13 days is already over 7 million views on youtube. In just the first two days the video became viral as the second most shared at this time on Youtube.

Made by Belgians

Great promotional video was made for the purpose of promoting the premiere in London on 26 October 2012. Recorded by the Belgian Ad Agency Duvall Guillaume Modem belgium at the main railway station in Antwerp. Digital marketing campaign is totaly success story.

Is the video real or fake?

As always with the viral video is dilemma is it real or fake with actors in it. Of course, like all coke Zero promotion was all well planned before, but because in each of us is the desire to become a spy even just for a moment and desire to least 007 in yourself, we don’t care much about is it fake or not, we just enjoying in Bond adventure.

Skyfall movie is record breaking worldwide and has earned almost 300 million in short tame.

Have you already thought where to go for a holiday in 2013? If you have in mind Turkey, please hurry to book. The movie certainly draw big interest in Turkey’s destination, especially Instanbul and Fethiye.


P.S.: the famous Aston Martin car is replaced by Honda motorcyles


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