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Today’s 80th birthday of Polde bibič was marked by Google Doodle for Slovenian Google site. He was prominent person and actor in many favorite slovenian movies. He was best known for playing a role of Janez in Flowers in Autumn, and as Bedanc in Kekec’s Tricks

Polde Bibič google Doodle

Unfortunately he died before his 80th birthday in July 13th 2012, but remained in our hearts and slovenian movies. Google Doodle represent his most famous character Janez from Flowers in Autumn.

Some slovenian movies whre he played as lead role or as supporting role:

  • Don’t cry Peter
  • Flowers in Authumn
  • Kekec’s Tricks
  • The Widowshood of Karolina Zasler
  • Primoz Trubar
  • My Dad, The Socialist Kulak
  • Good to Go

He worked till the end, his last role (supporting role) was in Good To Go by Matevz Luzar, completed in 2013.



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