Angry Birds Toons

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Rovio’s new cartoon series Angry Birds Toons!

Last year Outfit7  transform Talking Tom and his friends from mobile apps celebrities to cartoon celebrities and is on the move Rovio to transform angry Birds series to cartoon series.

Outfit7 connects with Walt Disney Studio to make cartoon, Rovio makes cartoon themselfs and connect with comcast in USA and other TV networks all over the world to broadcast cartoon series. And you can see it as well if you have installed latest version one of the mobile apps saga Angry Birds: Star Wars, Rio, Seasons…

Last Sunday was premiere of the first episode “Chuck Time” – surprisingly for me funny and short. Tomorrow will premiere Where’s My Crown? and next week Meet The Flock.  So far I think it will be 52 funny episodes.

Living in Piggled land is not easy for Red, chuck, Matilda, Red, Bomb, Blues and Terence defending their eggs from theire’s worst enemies green pigs.

Talking Friends have so far over 10 millions views only on youtube per episode. Which cartoon do you think will be more popular: Talking Friends or Angry Birds Toons?



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