Run as different user in windows 8

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IT support often use feature Run as different user for many applications, but in every new Windows version in a new way how to do it.

If in windows XP you could just right click on the app and choose run as…, in Windows 7 you have to hold shift before right click and now in Windows 8 is a new story.


Where to found Run as different user

  1. click Windows + r for opening run box, type gpedit.msc ( it opens local group policy editor) run-as-different-user-policy
  2. go to User configuration – administrtive Templates – Start Menu and Taskbar
  3. Enable Show “Run as different user” command on Start
  4. open run box again and type gpupdate /force


Run as different user in Start menu of Windows 8
Run as different user in Start menu of Windows 8


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