Do not spill coffee on Carrie’s notebook

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Viral marketing to promote the premier of the new movie Carrie by using prank telekinesis. Movie Carrie is the remake movie.

Probably all know the story of Carrie  and viewed the movie from 1976 with Sissy Spacek in lead role. We have learned that it’s not good to make fun of the losers at prom dance. Now they’re made remake of this movie classic and the premier is on October 18th 2013.

Telekinetic Coffee Shop

For promotion they choose to film viral video at New York’s coffee shop, where customers were pranked by the movies’ main theme – telekinetic coffee shop.

They prepared a false wall, stuntman tied with a long wire to the wall , made table-moving, flying books and all linked together for remote control. It’s time for a hoax!

It all starts with the fact that someone spilled coffee girl’s laptop, she gets really angry, so angry that she uses telekinesis to move man and stuff surrounded.


In only 2 days telekinesis prank has over 14 millions views on YouTube.


Do not spill coffee on Carrie’s notebook! If you do, run like hell away.




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