Error installing Office 2013 or Office 365 on Windows 8 tablet

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I’ve got for testing Windows 8 tablet. Great! First a little play and then dealing with serious business applications. I add it to a domain, just to install Office 365 and … and nothing. Although it should be already installed Office 365 it’s reporting the problem.

It does not help resolve the problem by clicking on repairing or removing  from the control panel / programs; always stands on step 2 of 4.

System Ninja

Browsing the Internet I found a solution that involves installing System Ninja program and use its App Uninstaller, which of course did not help in the removal of Office 365, but it helped me to remove Office 15 click on-run. It also removed a bunch of junk files. Testing table only have 30 GB disk, and it’s a bit short on hard disk space. System Ninja offer an insight into hardware like CPU, disk, graphics, network cards, the code for the windows etc. If there is Ninja in portable format, I will start to use it regularly. It will replaced 2 of the program CCleaner and SIW I use often.


Microsoft Fix it solves the problem

So Ninja did not help and it was necessary to look further, until I came to this Microsoft Fix it to solve my problem called kb2739501 –  Remove Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365th  .Removes any Office installation on Windows 7 or 8.


Fix Windows solves the problem and completely remove Office 365, so it can be reinstalled easily. Checked!




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