First Internet Week Ljubljana

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For the first time Internet Week Ljubljana is held with different events with tech, business, innovative and culture themes. From workshops, lectures, summits, startup presentations to Fail conference.  <10 venues, <20 events, <50 guests

IW-Badge-BigMain cause is for new generation to show publicly what is the future. It’s 10-days festival of innovation, networking and fun.

2 days of events already gone, but there’s plenty of other events to go.

Monday, October 21

09:00-11:00, 16:00-18:00 Simbioza (Workshops)

9:00am Srečanje razvijalcev: Kdo bo plačal varnostno luknjo?

10:00am Simbioza (Opening workshop/Otvoritvena delavnica)

Tuesday, October 22

09:00-11:00, 16:00-18:00 Simbioza (Workshops)

9:00am 8. Slovensko IPv6 srečanje – Kako sem ostal brez IPv4 in preživel

12:00pm Arena podjetništva – Sprejmi izziv (Conference)

12:00pm Računalniki za socialno ogrožene (Workshop)

12:00pm Oliver Reichenstein (Lecture)


6:00pm JavaScript Ljubljana (Meet-up)

6:00pm Kerrie Holley, IBM Fellow: Tehnološki trendi prihodnosti: nova doba računalništva (Lecture)

Wednesday, October 23

09:00-11:00, 16:00-18:00 Simbioza (Workshops)

9:00am 8. Slovensko IPv6 srečanje – IPv6 (Workshop)

12:00pm Arena podjetništva – Sprejmi izziv (Conference)

12:00pm Računalniki za socialno ogrožene (Workshop)

2:00pm TPLJ & Hekovnik: “DataTalk” – Podatke je potrebno razumeti (Lecture)

6:00pm Slovenska Gazela 2013 (Award)

6:00pm Simon Raess: Design driven Development (Lecture)

6:30pm CodeCatz (Meetup)

Thursday, October 24

09:00-11:00, 16:00-18:00 Simbioza (Workshops)

9:00am e-dem 13: 3. konferenca o elektronski demokraciji (Conference)

11:00am Forum 100% Startup (Conference)

12:00pm Arena podjetništva – Sprejmi izziv (Conference)

12:00pm Računalniki za socialno ogrožene (Workshop)

4:15pm Kickstarter: Luka Mali (Lumu Labs)

6:00pm Internet Rockstars Networking Event

Friday, October 25

09:00-11:00, 16:00-18:00 Simbioza (Workshops)

9:00am Open Doors: Kiberpipa (Open Doors)

10:00am Startup Crawl: Astina (Open Doors)

10:00am Startup Crawl: DLabs (Open Doors)

10:00am Startup Crawl: OdoCost (Open Doors)

10:00am Startup Crawl: Red Hat Slovenia

10:00am Startup Crawl: Visionect (Open Doors)

10:00am Startup Crawl: Lumu Labs (Open Doors)

11:00am Startup Crawl: Oculus (Open Doors)

12:00pm Startup Crawl: GuruCue (Open Doors)

1:00pm Startup Crawl: Razum & Dawn of Play (Open Doors)

1:00pm Startup Crawl: Infinum SI (Open Doors)

2:00pm Startup Crawl: DietPoint (Open Doors)

2:00pm Startup Crawl: Fieldoo (Open Doors)

2:00pm Startup Crawl: Klika (Open Doors)

2:00pm Startup Crawl: Flaviar (Open Doors)

4:00pm Startup Crawl: Zemanta (Open Doors)

4:00pm Startup Crawl: 3fs & Toshl & Toonia (Open Doors)

5:00pm Startup Crawl: CubeSensors (Open Doors)

8:00pm Startup traffic light party

Saturday, October 26

9:30am Fail Conference

12:00pm Računalniki za socialno ogrožene (Workshop)

4:00pm CoderDojo (Workshop for Children)

Sunday, October 27

Ljubljana Marathon Break

Monday, October 28

4:00pm Oder 180 | Transmedia Storytelling (Lecture)

6:00pm Mobile Monday Slovenia (Meet-up)

Tuesday, October 29

5:00pm Do pasu v blatu: Dream of Pixels under the hood (Žiga Hajduković) (Lecture)

6:00pm POT: Bitcoins (Lecture)

Wednesday, October 30

4:00pm D-talk: UX4DEV & Codeable (Lecture)

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