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Marrisa Mayer rules! We were all astonished last year when she decided to go from Google, where she came as 20th employee and left mark on Google Search, Gmail, iGoogle and many other Google products, to become CEO of drowning Yahoo.

One year later

yahoo-logoIn just a year, she increases the value of Yahoo’s shares by 74%, what is most important for the owners and has been already named best Yahoo CEO of all time.

The path to the modern business is paved with corporate acquisitions and the arrival of fresh knowledge in the modern working environment, a fresh impetus to a more innovative company has resulted in a change to the logo yet, it has not been amended 18 years long.


Fresh look for Yahoo services

Already a long time not updated Flickr has got a modern look, the same MyYahoo, and we can enjoy in new Yahoo web service Yahoo Screen wathcing interested videos.



Yahoo Screen

Once again you can enjoy the SNL sketches in Yahoo Screen In addition, it is possible to subscribe to several channels, including advice on Martha Stewart, Today Show, Comedy Central, The Onion, Wired, Losing It With John Stamos, Cooking 1 : 01 Grill Next Door, Viral videos …


Link to the YahooScreen

Is it now the time to go retro and re-arrange Yahoo as my home page, as it was for me 17 years ago?



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