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When printing docs freeze is usually the guilty one Print Spooler . What to do in this case ?printerUsers often mentioned problem with the printer when they want to print the document and print job just freeze but you can’t do anything such as delete or restart job. In particular, this happens when printing from Microsoft Office programs and graphics programs such as Adobe Photoshop , Atudesk AutoCAD, ArcGIS and similar applications . I the printer saturated?

Looking into logs the waiting time exceeded the response of Print Spooler service: a timeout was reached a while waiting for a transaction response from the Spooler service.


Fast Solution

Go into the control panel, under Services and restart the Print Spooler service. This deletes all print jobs , and then you can click on print button again. If you don’t have rights to restart service just restarts the computer.


Permanent solution

  1. Look if is it necessary to upgrade the printer firmware
  2. They should be the latest original printer drivers ( not Microsoft drivers )
  3. Increased waiting time for a response print job in Registry.

Adding a key to the registry

It is recommended to increase the transaction waiting time to 60 seconds . If the reg key does not exist, create the following registry key :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control

DWORD Value : ServicesPipeTimeout = 60000 ( Decimal value)




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