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Well, 5 November is here again and it is time for V. This time, the Anonymous protest with peaceful march of a million Guy Fawkes’ masks to the White House and with support marches worldwide. This year’s slogan: “To remind this world what it has forgotten, That fairness, justice, and freedom are more than just words.”

 Who are Anonymous?

Anonymous includes lawyers, architects, IT specialists, programmers, writers, nurses, waiters, taxi drivers and even government workers. Anonymous is the people. It is not an organization, because there are no leaders. Anonymous is an idea.

Its beginnings go back to 2003, members – Anons identified as wearing Fawkes Guy’s mask. In 2008 they successfully launched a campaign against the Scientology religion, as pointed out irregularities inside the church and point it out that this is in fact a cult. They fight against ACTA, censorship of the Internet, against unauthorized control of the NSA and other agencies, child pornography, against corrupt corporations, banks and governments. Wikipedia

More about anonymous movement on this blog: Operation Jubilee 2012 , Countdown to #Nov5 , Will November 5th be judgement day for… , The biggest hacker’s intrusion...

Remember, remember November 5th

Call for Anonymous, WikiLeaks, The Pirate Party, Occupy and Oath Keepers to Unite Marchers, Occupiers, Whistleblowers and Hacktivists! March on White House, DC, USA.



If you are tired of empty promises, new unconstitutional laws being passed every day, ever-increasing taxes that are only funneled into more wasteful spending and debt we cannot afford or laws that eliminate jobs and increase living expenses, then you are welcome to join.

Events map

Million Mask March online


Events map:

self-made Guy Fawkes’ mask:

twitter account: @MillionMaskMarc

twitter hashtags: #MillionMaskMarch , #Nov5

live cams in UK:

Trafalgar’s Square live cam:




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