Not Genuine Windows even if activation code is real

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For some reason windows had been de-activated and now showing on my desktop not genuine windows warning. Well it must be corrupted licensing files.

Desktop shows down in left corner this warning:

Windows 7
Build 7600
This copy of Windows is not genuine


Resolve No. 1

If computer suddenly decide that you don’t have Genuine Windows any more, there are 2 solutions known to me. The first one is quickest:

  1. run cmd
  2. stop Software Protection Service : net stop sppsvc
  3. type cd %windir%ServiceProfilesNetworkServiceAppDataRoamingMicrosoftSoftwareProtectionPlatform
  4. tpye REN tokens.dat
  5. start again service: net start sppsvc
  6. run slui and write activation code  (KMS ali MAK), but usually activation is done automatically

Resolve No. 2

On Microsoft’s Technet forum I found the solution how to re-activate windows code:

  1. open CMD as Administrator
  2. type slmgr /upk ( code is uninstalled)
  3. type slmgr /cpky (code is removed from registry)
  4. type slmgr /rilc (reinstall licencing files)
  5. 2 x restart computer and if it ask for validation code after first restart just click for alter
  6. after 2nd restart it will ask for validation code to write
  7. if in step 6 did not ask for validation, enter in run slui (windows 7, windows 8 & 8.1) or slui4 (windows xp) to open activation popup
Not Genuine Windows
Not Genuine Windows (Photo credit: fiatlux)


And know non genuine validation warning is gone.


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