Happy Hour Virus for Happy people

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Have you heard of friendly virus? Yes, there are such. Made especially for those who like to take off on Fridays and leave early. Are you starting to get a clue ? It’s a Happy Hour Virus , which allows us to be able to then take advantage of happy hour somewhere else for example go to the pubs. Yuppie !

 Happy Hour Virus

It’s the most friendly virus. It helps us to leave early from work and take advantage of this time for friends and family. And how this virus works?

At Happy Hour Virus website , you can choose between three fatal computer errors , for which even a layman knows that can not be removed in one or two hours :

  • Kernel Panic (requires restart – not so interesting error)
    Blue Screen of Death scalable vector
  • Broken monitor ( the monitor is defective – not likely to obtain a second monitor so quickly )
  • Blue Screen of Death ( Blue Screen – most likely a mistake that has already seen each )

After that blue screen you may just wave to say goodbye and go home/pub ( unless you work in technical support ).


English: "Happy Hour" sign on a pub ...
English: “Happy Hour” sign on a pub in Jerusalem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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