Have I been pwned?

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We read more and more often about stolen email accounts from web sites and social networks, in October , for example, it was stolen from Adobe. How can I know that mine email wasn’t among them ?

At troyhunt.com you can check in just 4 seconds if your email account has been compromised in a data breach.


Database contains over 154 million stolen login accounts .The data is located in the Azure cloud and uses Azure Table Storage .

web pages : 7

pwned email address : 154,011,430

pwned email login accounts 154,422,260


Currently, the database logon accounts of these web services :

  1. 152445.165 Adobe accounts (October 2013)
  2. 859,777 Stratfor accounts (December 2011)
  3. 532.59 Gawker accounts (December 2010)
  4. Yahoo! accounts 453,427 (July 2012)
  5. 56021 Vodafone accounts (November 2013)
  6. 38101 Pixel Federation Accounts (December 2013)
  7. 37.103 Sony Accounts ( 2011)

You may be wondering how the author Troy Hunt came to this data ? Seized data over time is always accessible to the public to compel web sites and social networks to take action more quickly and do better security to protect access to the logon accounts and other data .

Analysis of the database revealed that 59% of login email accounts and their passwords are identical in Sony and Yahoo database . In October has even been shown that the same accounts and passwords are present in Adobe accounts data as well. . People therefore used not only a single email address , but also the same password to login to all sorts of websites and online services .

It’s positive that when in October email accounts and passwords were stolen from Adobe, they communicate publicly and give a notice to their users about that fact.But not only Adobe did that , they wew also some other online web sites , for example Facebook, they notice their users if they used the same email address as at Adobe .


Tip : repeatedly visit the website http://www.haveibeenpwned.com , because the data is unfortunately increasing.





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