WestJet’s Christmas miracle

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You have to believe in the miracles, especially in the Christmas time. This experienced some passengers who flew with the airline WesJjet from Hamilton to Toronto . Another thing you need to remember when someone asks you for a wish is, do not be modest …

For this Christmas airline WestJet came up with an effective Christmas advertising campaign . Their customers were surprised above all expectations . Very effective viral video!

It began quite simply by passengers talking with Santa Claus via the big screen in waitingroom , who by the way ask for xmas gift wishes , what every single Santa Claus asks anyone . But this year’s Santa was actually in the studio in Toronto. The rest of the team , while passengers flying peacefully to Toronto quickly went in the store to bought gifts upon wishes and beautifully wrapped it . When passengers are waiting for the arrival of their luggage , they instead the baggage saw their gifts . Passengers were extremely surprised , but probably one man who wished a warm scarf was at least a little sorry when he saw a young family got a big TV.

WestJet-Christmas-Miracle-surprised-guest-featureEven other passengers who had not previously nothing wished they enjoy with those who are getting a gift . For next time: you just have to pay attention to big screens inviting you to scan plane ticket ( Santa Claus get the names of passengers from tickets ) .

In the 20th days after publishing video has over 33 million views on YouTube . They made happy its 250 passengers on two flights.

As can be read on their blog , they come up with a marketing campaign in August in collaboration with Studio M ; they want to have something big , exciting and fresh .




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