Sending email notifications to a security group

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Several times we want to send email notification to AD security group of users, without the need to add this users to the distribution list as well on the Exchange server. In this way, we can manage the permissions and send messages to anyone who is member of the group and has access to certain resources.

In Active Directory (AD) it is necessary to change the property from the global security group to universal and add in Exchange Server 2010 a new distribution group to an existing security group. In this way, it does not create new mailbox for security group , but nevertheless all the group members/users receive the email. I recommend to tick the option that is not visible in the Exchange address book ( e-mail address for the group to know only the administrator group ).



And why not use distribution list for all?

Since it obviously can not edit the security permissions to access resources.


Why then is not every security group arranged as universal ?

Universal groups are more data intensive as a global groups , so it is proper that all those security groups that do not require enabled email address that are regulated as a global group.




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