Error message when you try to activate Windows Volume licence

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Most of the companies use the activation of Windows and Office products in their Enterprise environment. The installation of KMS service is not so complicated , but when problems occur , it is possible many things, what could go wrong.

KMS key

By activating the KMS host to allow the volume license activation and reactivation within a corporate network. KMS clients are already installed in Windows with preloaded GVLK key ( Generic Volume License Key). Without this preloaded key you cannot activate a Windows using KMS key.

We cannot use KMS volume license on purchased computers that had pre-installed Windows Home Edition or Windows Ultimate or any other OS, for example Linux .


KMS service

You have 30 days to activate Windows and during this time it is in Out of Grace status . Upon successful activation, it checks the status every 7 days and must have access to the KMS host at least every 180 days Licence expires in 6 months. For example  if someone is no longer in a firm, but he kept a business laptop , after 7 days of not reaching KMS host it enters in Out of Grace status , and every 2 hours trying to access the server . After 180 days, is no longer possible to use Windows.

To start the KMS service to operate automatically , it is necessary to activate  25 KMS Volume licenses manual.

Useful commands for Windows

Focus on the KMS host:

Manual activation key :

Reactivation Out of Grace ( can only be used 3x ) for 30 days

Deactivation of the Windows license (remove the current license key )

Usefull commands for Office activation

Manual activation of Office 20013

Input new KMS key

Manually set KMS host


All commands must run via cmd as administrator


For most of the errors with activation are purchased computers with the wrong OS – KMS keys can only be activated with a purchased Windows Professional . It is also possible that the BIOS uses ACPI_SLIC table . In these cases, the only solution is to use MAK license .

The other major problem, however, may represent a way to set the KMS host to activate Office 32 bit on Windows 64 bit because the script automatically takes the path of 64 bit Office .


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