Internet explorer craches after upgrade to IE 11

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We all want a new and better versions of the applications and so it’s with browsers – Internet Explorer, which

Internet Explorer pizza!

comes that  with version 11 has bigger problems than usual. Many users dial me that after installing latest version of IE via Windows Update, they have problems with using IE. In fact, it crashes before opening up. There are many paths to solve this …

Removing the IE 10/11

1. step: Control Panel – Programs – Programs and Features – Turn on or off Windows features – it’s necessary to switch off Internet Explorer

2.  step: Control Panel – Programs – Programs and Features – remove internet explorer

Removing the add-ons in IE


To mange add ons in IE you use path via Control Panel and Internet options or in IE via Tools – Internet Options to Programs- Manage Add-ons . However, if IE always crashes before opening , there is a link to the opening IE pure without add-ons , which can be found in the Start menu – All Programs – Accessories – System Tools . In Manage Add-ons you could see, disable or unwanted add-on . The majority can be removed under Programs in the Control Panel.




Malware in IE addons

In the latest case user called me about crachsnig IE I found which Internet Explorer add-on was causing the problem and that is part of Adware, which can not have you removed from the control panel .

Obviously, an active antivirus program on PC did not detect Malware , so I used another AV program Malwarebytes , which then erase all malicious code .



In the end it turned out not to guilty upgrade of IE 11 , but was the guilty one IE add-on, but unfortunately existing antivirus program was not blocking . Never overestimate the power of malware.



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