Mr. Trolololo

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Mr. Trololo became more famous than ever in 2010 and today we’re associated him with Internet trolling phrase.

Mr. Trololo is actually the nickname of the Russian pop singer from the 70’s with his real name Eduard Khil Anatolyevich, His biggest hit is Trololo song from year 1976.

Internet hit

Family Guy Mr. TrololoIt all started by uploading the video on youtube in 2009 and the following year began viral spread on many websites.
Even website started.
Fame began to spread after the news on the American TV show The Colbert Report.


Family Guy cartoon

He died in 2012 and the cartoon series Family Guy made him an homage.

Hitler calls Mr. Trololo

Even Hitler could not pass Mr. Trololo and they record his phone call (another parody – famous excerpt from the film Der Untergang aka Downfall).



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