SharePoint 2013: After adding new items redirect to different webpage

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When adding the new item and clicking Save button, SharePoint always throws you to view full list, which is not always desirable, especially if you want to hide this look from users. My wish was that after clicking on the save button the user is thrown back to the first page and not to the list.


You can find a bunch of suggestions and codes on how to do it, but they’re mostly complicated solutions with a lot of work to do, but I prefer simple solution, which I finally found it. It’s only necessary to change the URL and show where to go. Could not be more simply.

To create a new item not insert a Web Part of list /library, but create a link, or better yet a button with a link to a new form with changed redirect to.

For example: we have a list of offers in my portal

normal URL to enter a new item and then redirect to the entire list by clicking the save button is:

URL with changed redirect to homepage:

Now users on SharePoint 2013 doesn’t see full list after adding new item, instead they’re back to homepage.



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