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AVG have an interesting free tool PrivacyFix to verify our privacy settings in browser and on the major social networks; Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

avg_logoPrivacyFix will be installed as an add-in of your’s browser and is also available as a mobile app on Android and iPhone, to review the security settings of browser, Facebook, Google, Twitter-u, LinkedIn. It will  warned about the potential dangers and by clicking on the fix for an individual warnings it takes you straight to the these delicate settings. At the same time it will advise you how best to arrange this.

In addition, it will also shows you which companies accompany us through cookies. For me it was 58 cookies of advertising agencies, which I of course removed and edited to PrivacyFix automatically blocked cookies advertising agencies in the future.

How many of you ever erase the history of watching videos on Youtube? I have never, if I had not been warned by AVG PrivacyFix, which means that Google keeps my viewing history recordings from the beginning of Youtube, which has been applied almost 9,000 hits from me. Now it’s all from the start.


A few of my statistics, how much social network can earn each year and how man data gets from me by visiting the web sites (not necessarily only this social network):

Google collected data from 82% of my recently visited web site

Facebook collected data from 95% of my recently visited web site


And PrivacyFix alert you if there  where changes in the security policy, so there is no need to constantly monitor for to the free tools


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