Access deny to Wifi SSID with WPA2 security

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After the upgrade to Windows 8 laptop & 8.1 was no longer possible to access the company’s Wifi network with WPA2 Enterprise security, which uses user certification to allow access.

In my case, it does not help upgrading wireless card driver or installation of the older version of the driver, nor installing Intel official driver instead of automatically installed Microsoft drivers when installing windows 8 & 8.1

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It is necessary to import the Wi-Fi profile of an operating device, because on Windows 7, there were no such problems.

Export Wifi Profile

1. The functioning of the transferor run cmd

2. enter netsh wlan command, and then export profiles

netsh wlan export profile %SSIDname% folder = c: temp


3. The profile is saved as an XML file on disk C in the temp folder (for each successful connection is created profile)


Import Wifi Profile

1. copy xm file and paste in other pc then open cmd

2. enter netsh wlan command and import

netsh wlan add profile filename = "filename" user = all


3. After successful import you can successfully log in to the network for free


If the login to the network do not use the certificate or. WPA2-Enterprise and used WP2-PSK, kejr is necessary to enter the key can export a profile, add a command that does not encrypt the key, but is visible as plain text.

netsh wlan export profile %SSIDName% folder = c: temp key = clear

All this can be brought into a script for faster loading on new PCs in several ways, one example. via GPO.


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