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Once again we had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the innovations in the field of information system security, review new Sophos products in this area and enjoy the lecture, one of the leading Sophos lecturers Chester Wisniewski .

Exactly 30 years ago Sophos started in Oxford offering antivirus program, but now days is offering a much wider range of security products not only for anti-virus protection, covering the whole spectrum of information security for data and information systems.
Sophos Slovenia is celebrating its 25 years of existence. Do you remember the music surprise at their 20th anniversary at Otočec near Novo mesto? Sophos band and Dan D have played together then their’s hottest hit Čas .

Sophos forum was held on March 25 2015 started with welcome words by the Director of Sophos Slovenia Darjan Marčič and video greeting by director of Sophos Germany under whose umbrella falls Slovenia. Joanna Vziatek-Ladosz from Sophos UK and Christopher Litzbach from Sophos Germany presented the news about Sophos’ products Next Generation enduser Protection, SageGuard encryption and Sophos Mobile Control, presented Sophos roadmap and what is the Galileo project.

The Galileo project represents the integration of UTM firewalls management, endpoint protection and control of mobile devices.


All acquisitions by Sophos

Sophos in 2011 bought a German Astaro and expanded its protection of antivirus still UTM firewalls. The following year he bought a German Dialogs and increased protection to the mobile area (MDM – Mobile Device Management). Increased purchase had taken place in 2014; first with the purchase of Indian Cyberoam announced an even greater penetration in UTM and American Mojave networks, which is strong in the cloud protection of mobile devices.


Special guest from Sophos

All we eagerly wait for a special guest from Sophos Canada; security advisor Chester Wisniewski as one of the leading lecturers of IT security  presented latest  threats trends , demonstrating data theft of credit card, drew attention to the insufficient protection of linux servers, whichis now  the greatest threat to Windows PCs. Did you know that 80% of infected websites are located on linux web servers?


The lecture about the theft of data from credit cards with the name “Pilling back the covers on credit card fraud: A Detailed look at financail fraudware” is on youtube. Talking about magnetic chip and pin cards data theft and shows how malware works.


Ljubljana warbiking

At the end Chet shows as a short video with analysis of screening Wifi points in the center of Ljubljana, where he biking a few days before and exploring the city: Sophos Ljubljana warbiking .

By cycling in the center of Ljubljana and BTC shopping center he found out this about Wifi hot spots:

  • 4188 wifi networks
  • 3552 WPA / WPA2 security
  • 63 WEP protection
  • 573 open networks

These data represent one of the highest protection percent from places where Sophos passed warbiking.

By the way is this afternoon posted a podcast from Ljubljana cafes Sophos Chet Chat 191st

See you again next year at Sophos forum.


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