Sharepoint keep asking for authentication

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They ask me very often why SharePoint portal requires extra authentication, even if they have access and are using domain computer and account. Following this procedure this pop-up will no longer appeared, which is so disturbing.


Internet options in IE

First add the SharePoint site in Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) to the trusted sites. Selects the area local intranet and add the site’s URL.

Then change levels in Custom Level …. Click on the button and find the settings according to user authentication (user authentication): select the option Automatic login with current username and password.

site to trusted sites


Local intranet IE

After this settings check on the SharePoint site with the user name and password of your computer, if is still necessary to manually enter it.
At the same time we get rid of pop-ups for login authentication and when you upload or open files from a SharePoint portal.


In order not to bother each user individually with these settings, you can of course set all of this with administrative tools – Group policy:

Administrative template – Windows components – Internet Explorer – Internet Control Panel – Security Page.

It should be assignment Site to Zone List and add the appropriate URL of the SharePoint portal.



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