How to protect yours LinkedIn account

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This spring LinkedIn announced that had been hacked and 200 million user accounts passwords were 256px-linkedin-svgreveals. I hope that you at this time have all changed the password, if not, this is the last time that to do it.

This days access to IT services with only password is no longer enough if you want to have your data safe. Now, finally also LinkedIn offers dual authentication for login.
Unfortunately, the only option offered is verification via SMS, but for now, this is ok.

How to integrate dual authentication?

Top right near photo profile is the Account & Settings menu, click there on the Privacy & Settings. Privacy button appears, find the option Security and switch on Two-step verification.

If you have not entered yet a mobile number, you need to enter now. Immediately after this you get an SMS with a verification code that must be entered here, after that you have to click on Verify. Then re-open the option Security and move the button to turn on the Two-step verification. Once again you get an SMS with a code.

If you have previously registered your mobile number, only move the Turn on button to activate the Two-step verification and give a SMS with a code.

From now on, every time you sign in LinkedIn you obtain SMS with a code that must be entered, if you want to access your profile. At the same time you  get the email alert about successful login.

LinkedIn,just like other web services can remember, if you frequently are logging from the same device, then you no longer need to wait for the SMS and enter the code.

Safe Surfing in LinkedIn!


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