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Since some years ago, Microsoft did a lot of nonsense and let users named their files and folders with almost all the characters on the keyboard.

That makes a lot of calls to the support centers, because after choosing unusual charascters users can not open these documents anymore. Some shoves it almost a whole paragraph in the file nameand a lot of them also want to use the date – of course compulsory with dots. My favorite variant is, where in the title have even two dates example: from 1.4.2007 to 02.07.2017. Hooray!
For intermezzo 1.4.2007 is the date of the beginning of this blog. Yes, I insist whit blogging for 10 years. To go back to the dots and excessively long filenames. Sometimes Windows have enough of these masterpieces and blocked access to such files. It can not be opened, renamed, or deleted. Nothing. Just error alert The file name is too long.

How to open the corrupted file?

Fortunately, not complicated procedures at all:

1.rename folder where the corrupted file is (max. 3 letters long – CAUTION – letters and it should not be accented characters)

2.After successful first step, it is possible to rename the file


The solution is simple but effective and can be used again when again is no longer possible to open the documents, beacuse of the log name and if they do not hold my recommendations regarding name of files.


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