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If you are in hybrid mode by running some Microsoft applications on your own and using their Office 365 cloud at the same time, there may be multiple compatibility issues.

For example, the latest Office 365 office suite is installed and Project 2016 is a pious wish. It won’t work. First, let’s ask ourselves why not rader have Project Online or why not have Office 365. If you still want to have a standalone version of Project and have Cloud Office, luckily there is another solution.

Why do these installation issues occur? Is this a bug? No. The following must be considered when combining standalone and cloud Microsoft office programs:

  • you cannot install 2 products that have the same version of installation technology
  • Do not install 2 products that have different installation technology if both products use click-to-run technology

Different versions of Office and installation technologies

Officeversioninstallation technologies
Office 36516Click-to-Run
Microsoft Store
Office 201916Click-to-Run
Microsoft Store
Office 201616Click-to-run
Windows Installer
Microsoft store
Office 201315Click-to-Run
Windows Installer

Where can I find the version of Office I’m using?

Open Office product e.g. Word, go to File -> Office Account -> About. At the top one can see a version of e.g. Microsoft Word 2019 MSO (16.0.12026.20312) 32-bit.
For standalone programs, if purchased individually, then Click-to-run installation technology is used, and for companies that have a VLA contract with Microsoft, then Windows Installer (MSI) installation technology is used.

What is compatible together?

  • Office 365 and Project 2013 (volume licensed) go together, with the first using 16 and the second product using 15 installation technology
  • Office 365 and Project 2016 don’t go together, as they both use the same version of installation technology
  • Office 2016 (Click-to-Run) and Project 2016 (MSI) don’t go together
  • Office 2016 (click-to-Run) and Project 2016 (click-to-Run) go together
  • Office 2016 (click-to-run) and Project 2016 (MSI) don’t go together

Of course, both products must be the same bit version: both 32-bit or 64-bit.


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