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One day, it was simply no longer possible to see a feature image on an individual post on my blog, fortunately the images were visible directly inside the post. What went wrong?

Of course, we’re talking about a blog that is using WordPress platform. Moreover, the images could not be seen in the Gallery and the confusion was even greater, that some of the images were visible on the post and in the Gallery. Hmmm.

Then I researched further and found out that the problem was mostly with PNG images, less with JPG.

Well, luckily several solutions are possible. Sometimes one will be enough, sometimes you have to used all.

First solution

Some often use an image in a post and then the same as a Feature image, which confuses WordPress, especially when it’s an active template that automatically adds a feature image to the post. So it’s advisable not to add the image used as a feature image to the post.

Second solution

I installed a new Thumbnail Cleaner plugin. Cleaner removes and then recreates thumbnails.
This solution has only helped me partially but I recommend it for regular occasional activation.

Third solution

Images that are visible in the post but not in the gallery may have broken their links in the image library. In this case, the WP Original Media Path plugin must be is installed and used.

The third solution was a real salvation for me, and since then I no longer have any problems displaying images in posts or in the picture library.


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