Adele prank her fans

After four years Adele finally issue the long-awaited new album, which is already breaking all records. She's really funny person and not sad like many of hers songs as is shown in the latest video, where she surprised hers imitators. Read more

Hoverboard is real

Who does not remember trilogy Back to the Future when Michael J. Fox go to the future in 2015 and used famous floating skateboard in part 2? The levitating skateboard or as they named it Lexus SLIDE hoverboard is the fact. Read more

Sophos Slovenia forum 2015

Once again we had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the innovations in the field of information system security, review new Sophos products in this area and enjoy the lecture, one of the leading Sophos lecturers Chester Wisniewski . Read more

WestJet’s Christmas miracle

It pays if you believe in the miracles, especially in the Christmas miracle. This experienced some passengers who flew with the airline WesJjet from Hamilton to Toronto . Another thing you need to remember when someone asks you for a wish , do not be modest .. Read more