Skynet put down Amazon EC2

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Amazon EC2 service, which offers computing in clouds for everyone has seen on the April 21st a cruel blow, as a result of this a number ow world famous online services did not work; FourSquare, Quora, reddit, …

All of these online services and websites have been using Amazon EC2 in America, specifically they were connected with data center in North Caroline. These Web services worked again after a couple of hours, but the data center has still not resolved the fault recovery disks.

Cloud computing

Failure of the cloud, resulting in numerous controversies about cloud computing, we can saw how critical it can be cloud infrastructure. It’s not less critical than the network infrastructure in companies like they advertise for cloud computing and we can saw one thing more; that many companies have no backup of the environment in the event of failure of the primary cloud.

Currently, public cloud is not the case for serious business for now and its better to use it as a test platform, but smaller companies could start seriously think about it, but at the same time they must not forget about redundancy. Redundant of IT system will result in additional servers, network infrastructure and communication links (e.g., two internet providers) as reserve to primary source in case of their failure.


Opponents of clouds rejoice, because this has proved to their eyes that the clouds are not yet mature, but in fact it is more proven that Internet companies do not care for redundancy enough. The clouds are here and will be used more and more as private and as public. In fact, we use it through other websites for quite some time happily and now it’s time to come to our businesses.


As you can see the Amazon AWS Service Health Dashboard, the massive problems started on 19 April, by a temporary remedy until the 21st place April to the great crash of the data center in North Carolina. Many of them believe that Skynet became self-aware.


status Amazon E2 data center



Skynet is alive

Skynet, the supercomputer, which has began to realize himself and turned against its creators also on 19th April 2011, at the time when there were major problems in the Amazon Data Center in North Caroline. 21. April was the start of an attack against humanity, of Judgment Day. All this is very familiar to SF movie Terminator fans and these days we could have read a lot about Judgment Day and the robots uprising against us.


skynet-posterSome are also happily prepared to welcome Skynet, others just laughed at this, but just for a moment we can all think that the Judgment Day has come, when our favorite web applications were not working. What if a few hours would not work Facebook and Twitter at the same time? For both, we have experienced some shortness of inaction, but never together.


Instead of a nuclear war that would have started to Syknet (via Terminator 2 ), it seems daunting of how vulnerable internet is. And what if it is true about Skynet?


On Facebook, you could found some of the great comments about Skynet rising:

Splendid Angst: I hope that my dildo will not become self-aware.. This would be a pain in the ass

Olivia Giachino: Maybe the machines are having crisis…


As proof that Skynet hit, look at my face:


I was terminated
I was terminated


I Was Terminated

If you want to make your face look like Terminator, then go to a website that is dedicated to the latest movie about Terminator Salvation.



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