Hackers exploit the popularity of OperaMini

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Internet browsers are increasingly used on smart phones and tablets. Because of the devices limit the browser should be light and fast browser as Opera Mini is and therefore, is one of the most popular browsers on mobile devices.

Something popular and trendy on internet not remains hidden from cyber criminals and of course not missed the opportunity to use it for their evil purposes.

Attention on Opera Mini installer – file OperaMini.jar, which is actually a virus. Trend Micro has described it as a J2ME-Fakebrows.a


Currently, is widely spread mainly in Russia, where Opera Mini is most popular browser on mobile devices, in addition, the fake website where you can get this installer for the Opera Mini is only in Russian language.


What bad things virus can do?

Next month, it will definitely head hurts looking at phone bill. Virus sends SMS messages to specific premium numbers who charges for sending sms messages.

How do I get a virus?

It can infect any mobile device that supports Java – J2ME. In addition, they discovered a new variant – a virus that attacks only Android phones, but because it has a majority stake in the Android phones, it means the possibility of infection in most smart phones.

How to protect yourself from virus?

Mobile devices today are almost everyone of them completely unprotected against suspicious code. Somehow is forgotten that, even in mobile devices, we must be careful about what links we click on and which ones are suspicious.

You must upgrade Opera Mini only via secure and reliable websites like the official site for OperaMini m.opera.com, Getjar, Handster


Yes, serious consideration should be given to protecting against viruses and other malicious code on mobile devices. All anti-virus programs for computers are now also available in variants for mobile devices.



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